About Afrinado


Founder/Content manager

I am a writer first. It took me a long while to understand why this should matter. I gravitated towards careers that involved writing, always at the periphery but never quite in the middle. I knew deep down this is what I wanted to do but I buried those dreams and barricaded the trapdoor tighter than Fort Knox. I kept journals and hid them, I wrote poems but joked about them like they were no big deal, I interviewed and wrote features but denied that this had anything to do with my thirst for hearing the stories of others and seeing in those stories a reflected humanity.

I took a leap of faith in 2016, no more hiding behind copy or jobs that don’t help me grow, no more pretending for the sake of the world that this is not important. That it doesn’t matter, it is and it does. I am a writer and also a creator, a poet and also a lover of dreams and the magic of following them. This is my leap of faith, walk with me, let’s have a conversation, let’s meet this wonderful people doing amazing things, let’s meet the ordinary people living extraordinary lives, let’s dream and make it happen.

Afrinado is not just about me, it’s about all of us. Are you ready? I know I am.



2 thoughts on “About Afrinado

  1. Hi my name is Ruth am 18yrs and student at Kenyatta university i am passionate about writing and would like a mentor.i have a blog too seethroughmyeyesdotblog.wordpress.com .i would love to hear from you.


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