#FridayFresh: Three things to look forward to in 2017

Unscrambling Africa


Four brilliantly creative individuals embark on a journey across Africa exploring urban cities cultures and the diversity that makes up this vast and beautiful continent. If it sounds like a movie or an African inspired version of Amazing Race, it is…only better. With a Kickstarter campaign that has seen a record number of pledges, artiste and designer Lulu Kitololo, photographers Joe Were, Mutua Matheka and travel and documentary storyteller Josh Kisamwa are embarking on a journey that is no ordinary safari.

We all know about the scramble for Africa and the Berlin conference of 1889 and how Africa as a continent was split up to into territories that European countries called colonies and exploited for it’s minerals. The powers that be at this time had little regard for the culture, migratory stories and lives of Africans, if anything they spelled doom for inhabitants of any piece of land that was coveted for its resources (read about the Herero and Namaqua genocide here). Unscrambling Africa has received a lot of support not just because it seems like a fun thing to do but also because it is totally necessary. To quote:

“It’s hard for Africans to travel within the continent and so it’s hard to have information and experience of what life and people are like in different countries. We have to rely on news channels, whom we see not to share the interest of unifying the continent as their top priority.”

I can hardly wait to see and hear about this journey set to begin on January 17, to the #UnscramblingAfrica team, Afrinado wishes you only the best in your quest, may the odds always be in your favor.

Kati Kati


Kati Kati the movie is coming to a cinema near you. According to writer/director Mbithi Masya, the movie will be showing in Kenyan cinemas from January 27. Kati Kati was one of the African movies showcased at TIFF (Toronto Film Festival and has most recently at the Palm Springs Film Festival. Starring Nyokabi Githaiga as Kaleche, KatiKati delves into a dreamy afterlife, a sort of purgatory, if you will that poses more questions than answers for our protagonist. Here is the trailer… rumour has it that there will be a nice mini film festival to with it’s Kenyan release so call a few friends and check it out.

The Forest

Late last year, The Forest also known as Kereita Forest, launched its adventure center, quiet as kept, before it’s official opening. News of the event, which spread via social media, seemed to have been well received. Outdoor groups made up of family and friends showed up in droves, all set for a day of fun and adventure. An obstacle course including archery, zip lining, tree climbing and cycling was organised to give different teams a taste of what the Forest has to offer. If you did not know, now you do, be sure to check it out, it’s a great weekend plan especially now that the sun is showing out, gather some friends and plan a trip for your own forest adventure.

Check out The Forest

What else should we be looking forward to in 2017 Afrinados? Share below 🙂




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