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#FridayFresh from Sauti Sol to

Been a while since we got fresh but fear not here’s the list of what’s great about this week, music for your ears, what to get some cool threads and how to cook Ugali, courtesy of Lupita Nyon’go

Sauti Sol’s Kuliko Jana

Watching Sauti Sol grow from Lazizi to hit jams like Live and Die in Afrika has been amazing. The group has experimented with different styles while staying true to their trademark vocals with each consecutive album. Still, I’d be lying if I said I don’t enjoy a good Sauti Sol ballad.. the songs where they just let their vocal cords do what they were created to do…no syncopated Afrobeat, no shirtless skinny jeans gyrating (hehe, sorry Bién) just pure Sauti. Kuliko Jana does exactly this and it’s not just a ballad it’s a gospel song with excellent backing from Upperhill’s RedFourth chorus (Sauti Sol are Upperhill alumni so this is a great nod to the school where they first started out).


Lupita can cook Ugali..there, you happy?

When I saw Lupita open a box and reveal a Vogue cover on an instagram post, I thought it would be another issue filled with fashionable looks that get an extra pop from her glowing melanin. Apparently, yes and no..this time Lups took them to her shagz in Kisumu (in the states they call it hometown but yeah we know what’s up 😉 ) anyway Vogue shares a video of her making that Ugali because her lack of mwiko skills caused much brouhaha on Kenyan Twitter.  Because what kind of woman are you if you cannot make ugali? Le sigh…like a woman’s sole purpose in this world is to feed her man ugali..but that’s a story for another day, I’ll just appreciate local cuisine getting some international love, be it from Zuckerberg or Lupita.


Boss style with 

Let’s start with the aesthetics, will not attack  you with colours and patterns like other stores do, nor do they try and fit in all styles and fabrics so as to catch everyones eye. The store’s founders Annabel Onyango and Emma Caddy actually put some thought into what styles to retail, how the clothes are presented, how they hang on the rack and where they will hang, the effect is both relaxing and chic. Featuring Kenyan designers like Maisha concept and Mambo Pambo, gives you the chance to mix and match with clothing from the London high street stores like Zara among others. Check out the store at Valley Arcade and Garden City Mall. Visit them online at:



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