#FridayFresh: African girl Yogi, Nanyuki and Kida the great

It’s been a beautiful day and you must forgive me for running out as soon as I saw the sun peek from behind the clouds.  It’s Friday and as usual, Afrinado rounds up some cool things for you to usher in your weekend with, enjoy..


Jules on the River Ganges Source

Postcards To Sylvia

The year 2016 has been super interesting not just for me but also the people around me. There has been a general sense of transition, movement, I know a lot of people who’ve moved continents, are having babies, pursuing new careers and paths, leaving unfullfiling relationships and jobs, meeting new loves and I am here for all of that. So far 2016 has been my year of exploring new career paths and I am not the only one. My friend Jules, the writer behind Postcards To Sylvia is doing that too in a much more ‘improbable’ scale (improbable because she is taking a path not many ‘role of African women’ pundits will agree with) solo travel to Rishikesh, India in the quest to become a yogi. That story rarely has a Kenyan woman’s face but now it does. Jules candid account of her culture shock, amazing classmates, oily men and anxiety and depression will make you smile, laugh and cry, cringe even, but in a good way and I’m here for all of it. The year to take a leap of faith is 2016. Here’s an excerpt:

“I am not as flexible as I thought… every time I hear Pravat (yoga teacher for alignment ) yell at me “Hari-om, am I speaking Hindi or English” I tell myself you have one month to prove he was speaking English.
Its not easy,its not stretching, its not sexy yoga pants (ok it is … yoga pants are so sexy). It’s a lot of work, dedication and very deeply spiritual practice (not religious, spiritual).”

Read more at :

Soames Hotel, Nanyuki


Soames, Nanyuki

Nanyuki is about a two hour drive from Nairobi. It’s a weird town because it does not really feel like shagz (countryside). It’s a bit of a multicultural hub and always feels like a place busting with expectation. It’s a perfect local tourist destination if you have done the Naivasha rounds way too many times. There is a lot to choose from in terms of accommodation and sight seeing as well as eateries whose roadside signs rarely do justice to what you will find. Soames Hotel and Jacks Bar,  is one of those places you want to visit after a long tiring drive. With its comfy sofas and warm service, it feels like a friend’s house.

On the day we visited, Soames was hosting an art exhibition and we got to walk around feeling artsy fartsy with wine in one hand and hors d’oeuvres in the other saying things like: “I really admire the juxtaposition of the hyenas and the hydrangea in this one” meanwhile not even knowing what the heck we were talking about. I should include a picture of my meal but I was hungry and I ate it.


The verandah at Soames

Kida the Great

Who is Kida The Great? His dance clips keep popping up on my newsfeed. And I always click on dance feeds, Facebook knows this, we all know this, even my mum knows this.

So Leon Akida Burns is a 13 year old dancer who just regularly kills it on dancefloors and competitions and stages, if I had a kid and he was great and could dance, I’d want him to be Kida the Great.


Kida the Great (source)

He has appeared on Ellen, Queen Latifah, Rachel Ray… he danced with Usher during the recent BET awards, you get the picture. Anyway the one that really got me on Team Kida (because, African music), was his rendition of Dotman’s Akube.

This is one of those instances where a dance choreography video actually helps popularise a song’s video. Check out the comments on the original Akube song ( in which Dotman’s love interest randomly ndombolos in a white towel..I was not ready). Anyway here is Kida and his sisters or cousins, I think they are his sisters or cousins. You know you did some version of this in your mums sitting room growing up 🙂 Get it Kida!


Have a great weekend 🙂





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