My morning routine: Lulu Kitololo

A few years ago I realised the supreme importance of having a morning routine and when I stick to one – it does wonders for my wellbeing, state of mind, etc.
My biggest challenge is getting over the guilt of giving myself this whole chunk of time, when I have so many tasks, deadlines and so on. Even though mentally, I appreciate the primary importance of self-care, that guilt…
I’m constantly reviewing and updating my routine and below is the most recent iteration – which, I’m loving!

Wake up (time varies – I try to aim for around 7am. It’s usually later!).

Get on the yoga mat. I follow videos on YouTube. My favourites are by Ali Kamenova and Yoga by Candace . I pick a 20 – 30 mins class (during the weekends, I aim for a 60 mins class).

I boil some water before I shower, so that by the time I’m out it’s cooled enough for me to squeeze half a lemon into and drink. Daily lemon water has been a revelation. It makes me feel so resilient, health-wise. I try to use products that are as natural as possible. I’m currently loving Herbfarmacy’s Rose Face Oil, Primal Pit Paste and Lulu Life Shea Butter. Often I will also use coconut oil (best thing in the world — I use it for my body, hair, to cook with and more!).

Before I get dressed, I’ll put a song on and dance naked in the mirror. It does wonders for body confidence 🙂
Most mornings, I will prepare a cooked breakfast. Usually eggs scrambled with some veggies. Occasionally a green smoothie too.
I try hard to eat without distraction. I.e. no screens! Just quiet time, savouring every bite. Why is this so much harder than it should be? Lol!
Last but not least, I write in my journal – my morning pages (a la The Artist’s Way).
If I’m heading to the studio, I’ll do this on the train. If I’m heading to a meeting, I’ll take the bus, as opposed to the tube, so that I can comfortably write and have enough time to do so!
If I’m honest, there’s usually a bit of Instagram time before I get out of bed. Yeah. Guilty. Insta-crack!

Lulu Kitololo is an artist and designer (and just an all-round fabulous person)  you can follow her art on instagram @lulukitololo commission work via and visit her blog



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