#FridayFresh – From Yaga to cryingly good Hot Chocolate


Yaga teaching us how not to twerk (source)

1. Yaga on the ‘gram

Yagazie Emezi’s cartoon characters now have their own Instagram page @yagalifefacts. If you haven’t come across Yagazie’s adorable long legged and puffy haired cartoon character with a penchant for butts, you’re missing out. Nigerian photographer, artiste and youtube vlogger Yagazie Emezi says the cartoon character, affectionately named , helped her make her way out of depression. Funny how the same cartoon is now bringing laughter and smiles across the internet world.

2. That Lemonade

Everyones sipping on it, haters and lovers have both written long, looong interpolating think pieces on it. Meanwhile,  I’m just trying to stay out of the Beyhives way and enjoy the art. Anyway my personal best of the bunch, because it was just funny and true, is Evelyn From The Internets take on it. She is one of my favourite youtubers and has from the month of April decided to make one YouTube video a day! Yass! She is giving me Yoruba!

3. Dating Church guys

She has had stints on both TV and Radio and throughout it’s always been clear that Jazz Mistri has always had a big personality. She recently launched her YouTube channel where she discusses all manner of topics in a humorous and very Just Jazz way. My favourite has to be Five Guys you meet in church, and try not to laugh too loud if you’re at work.

4. Hot chocolate

Now that the weather has turned and equinox is nothing but a distant fading memory..hallo flooded drains of April, it’s time to indulge in comfort food. By comfort food I mean hot chocolate and by hot chocolate I mean decadent and creamy. Mama Rocks serve it up and serve it good. “This is our revenge for getting that watery hot chocolate,( you know the one) as kids”. They tell me this before serving me hot chocolate that made me so happy I just about cried.


The hot chocolate that made me cry happy tears.

5. Living Single

If you grew up in the 90s, you will remember that black sitcoms of the time were killing it. From Fresh Prince to Family Matters to Sister Sister to Roc, it was just black TV gold..if you had KTN* . One of my absolute favourites was Living Single.


I wanted to be Khadija James when I grew up

It was Friends before Chandler and Joey in a much blacker, hipper in a more Brooklyn brownstone kind of way. I recently rediscovered some episodes on DailyMotion and have been watching them in a way that I can only describe as miserly, hop on there if you were a fan. From this ‘Quitting Time’ episode it’s clear #bye was a thing before hashtags were thing :-D.

*KTN – Kenya Television Network, a Kenyan TV station that started after multi-party elections became a thing in 1989 and sort of democratised the airwaves. You had to have a special aerial to watch KTN and this meant you were cool. We will cover this in an upcoming post.

Happy Friday from Afrinado! Share your comments below…


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