Meet the Takeover Makeover girls


Nemps and Sienna, the stylish hosts of The Takeover Makeover


Sienna and Nemps are like your two favourite girlfriends, the stylish ones who help you choose what to wear before a big date or find the perfect outfit for when you land an interview at your dream job. When I meet them at the Body Of Hair shop at Piedmont Plaza, Ngong Road, they both look good. In fact, standing next to them, I already feel like throwing away the old faded jeans I wore to the interview.

Sienna is a seasoned lifestyle and fashion blogger at Threadmuse Culture and Nemps short for Nempiris is the ‘hair whisperer’ and brains behind Body of Hair, a shop dealing with wigs and extensions of all textures and lengths. They are the hosts of a new Kenyan Youtube show aptly titled Takeover Makeover (see video below).

They are gracious and chatty and it’s easy to see why their chemistry on camera comes so easily.

“We actually were all in the same class in primary school and we kind of kept in touch. Dan (their videographer) and I were also neighbours and went to the same campus,” says Sienna.

The idea was birthed during a Threadmuse shoot when Sienna, Nemps and Dan realised they could all combine their skills to create something and help women (and men) to identify and embrace their personal styles.

Whole Team

Nemps, Dan and Sienna all attended Nairobi Primary School

The  great thing about the Takeover Makeover,  and also what makes it different from other Kenyan makeover shows, is that Sienna and Nemps help you choose outfits based on what you already have.

“The fundamental principle of the show is to utilise what you already have in your wardrobe,” says Sienna. So far they have shot one and half episodes and will soon be adding a makeup artist to the show.

When it comes to Kenyan style, Sienna says that most Kenyan women have a diverse sense of style, they shop at many different places and know how to put looks together.

“We are working with people who actually want a makeover, we don’t just make you beautiful for the day of the shoot, we give you advice. She styles hair and gives you tips on how to maintain it and I do the same for the clothing style element. The whole essence of it is to influence future purchases,” says Sienna.

For Nemps, who studied Interior Design in university, hair was something that she had always been drawn to.

“In primary I used to have a front fringe and use two of my mums rollers (those pinks sponge ones) to curl the front of my natural hair overnight,” recalls Nemps. She admits that her love for versatility and an easy go-to-style while balancing school and work as a college student is was set her on the path of her current business.

How it works

“We normally do a pre-visit and talk about what you want to achieve. Not everything will work out but the fact that you bought a particular item shows you already have an element of style, so we are just building on that,” says Sienna.

It goes without saying that women go through way more life transitions than men, from motherhood, new jobs, weight loss ,you name it. This all translates into their style choices.

“You have to be kind to yourself and as women we can be our own worst critics, so whatever transition or whatever stage you are in life, be your own supporter. Accept what you can’t change and the things that you can, work on changing them,” says Nemps

“When you feel good, you act good and do good to others around you,” adds Sienna.

Watch the Takeover Makeover Episode 1 (don’t miss the hilarious Blooper Reel at the end):


Takeover Tips:

Your own identity should come out in your look, don’t overlook who you areNemps

Not all trends are created equal, for example don’t rush to buy harem pants because they are in… actually I’m so glad they aren’t in anymore.Sienna

When it comes to hair, do your research and consider your day to day activities as these elements determine maintenance. You must also think of your own natural hair like, I always tell people wigs are a protective style not a replacement for your hair. It’s just to give you a break, a change so your look is more versatile. Nemps

Let go of the ‘Sunday Best syndrome’, instead of waiting for that one special day to wear an amazing outfit you bought, wear it and look good today  Nemps

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Instagram: @takeovermakeover




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